Rare Disease Ghana Initiative has established Genetic Alliance of Ghana  with the aim to bring all rare disease patient organisations in Ghana for every rare disease into one national community to speak with one voice. We are building the rare disease patient movement of tomorrow. Membership is opened to patient organisations, support groups and civil society organisations connected to congenital, undiagnosed, genetic and rare diseases. 

Collective Mission

Our collective mission is improving the wellbeing and quality of lives of all those affected by congenital, undiagnosed, genetic and rare diseases in Ghana, including improved knowledge and awareness, timely diagnosis and prevention (when possible), access to best treatment and care (regardless of where the family lives in Ghana), engagement with supportive community care (volunteer patient-based and established resources), fair access to appropriate therapies based on patient needs, and support for research that builds on Ghanaian expertise and promotes application.

Mutual Agreements and Benefits 

• Join a Ghanaian community of rare disease advocates and be part of an increasingly strong voice for rare disease family in Ghana and across Africa.
• Develop and advocate for common positions to influence or encourage policy that improves the lives of your members.
• Periodically share data, experience and information to help improve policies which targets rare diseases.   .
• Participate in Rare Disease Ghana Initiative’s events. 
• Be listed on the Rare Disease Ghana Initiative website with a direct link to your website


Director of Partnership and Corporate affairs 

Rare Disease Ghana Initiative

F393 Fourth Otswe St, Accra

+233 55 271 6011/ +233 500017050

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