Rare Disease Ghana Initiative in collaboration with Project Y (an initiative of the Genomic Unit of the Western Australian Department of Health) embarked on a campaign to promote awareness on the need to prioritize Health Care for Indigenous people as part of the plans to mark the  International Day for World’s Indigenous People through the LYFE Language Project.   The event took place between 8th-10th of August, 2020.


The 8th and 9th  August were dedicated to media awareness campaign. Artwork with regards to the project were posted on all RDGI’s social media platforms in order to create awareness. Through the awareness campaign, people came to find out the what the Lyfe Language Project is about and how it will revolutionize the health care system in the country. A webinar was held on 10th August 2020, from 1-3pm GMT on the theme “Partnering to Serve the Health Needs of Indigenous People” to officially launch the Lyfe Language Project in Ghana.

Speakers from different part of the world were invited to share their views on various topics. Prof Gareth Baynam,  ​Founder of Project Y, Western Australian Department of Health, Spoke on “Meeting the health Needs of indigenes through Languages”; Elissa Prichep, ​Project Lead Precision Medicine,​ ​World Economic Forum presented on the topic “Personalized healthcare for All – Inclusion of indigenous populations”;  Dr. Keolu Fox,  Director, Indigenous Futures Lab, University of California, San Diego spoke on the topic​ “Personalized data of indigenous communities: The Interests, Moral and Ethical Concerns and  Eunice Addo Lartey who is the Project Lead from Rare Disease Ghana Initiative gave an update on the Lyfe Language Project in Ghana.  She discussed the  Progress and challenges of the project thus far. Also, Yarlalu Thomas, Lyfe Language Champion, ​Precision Public Health Fellow in Rare and Genetic Diseases – ​West Australian Register of Developmental Anomalies​ presented on “Sharing Experiences from Lyfe Language Champions.” In addition,  Haneef Amissah, Lyfe Language Champion, Medical Laboratory Scientist and Head of Diagnostic Programs at Rare Disease Ghana Initiative also shared his experience working on the Lyfe language project in Ghana. The event was moderated by Samuel Agyei Wiafe, Founder/Executive Director, Rare Disease Ghana Initiative. The goal of the LYFE Language project is to translate complex medical terms into indigenous languages for use in clinical and research settings as well as provide a tool for patients to easily understand their condition.


Use the link below to view the full recordings:




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