This year marked the 13th International Rare Disease Day and the 3rd in Ghana. The event was an extremely successful one largely due to the high level of support and enthusiastic participation from our various partners and stakeholders. The Rare Disease program was a three (3) day event with the first two days targeted towards sensitizing students and promoting the culture of acceptance and inclusion within our educational institutions. On the last day, a symposium was organized to increase public awareness among the various stakeholders about the different rare diseases and orphan products. 

We collaborated with the Association International School as part of the awareness agenda of the Rare Disease Ghana Initiative. This year, the school authorities were more than happy to liaise with us to raise awareness among students and promote inclusion. Student groups gave a presentation on the 27th of February, educating their peers on some of the Rare Diseases including but not limited to Bell’s Palsy, African Iron Overload. These student groups emphasized the fact that most of these disorders are genetic and as such require support to live productive lives.  

On the 28th, the School held a Sports Day in honour of People living with Rare Conditions. An information booth was erected to educate students and staff with various questions about Rare Diseases. Students also signed the Board of Solidarity with heartfelt messages and their willingness to stand with people going through such conditions. 

On behalf of the rare disease community, we would like to express our profound appreciation to the school authorities, tutors, volunteers and students of Association International School (AIS) for their support and participation in Rare Disease Day 2020. 

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